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what if, in the near future, life is driven by plants instead of machines?

Studio Bellesi Giuntoli has been founded by Silvia Bellesi, designer and agronomist and Alberto Giuntoli, PhD and Professor at the University of Florence, who still lead the team of specialists in landscape and garden design of the Studio. We started in the 80’s beginning our garden design activity for people who loved our contemporary Italian style, merging the long tradition of the Italian art of gardens with the most updated technologies experimental experiences.

Our feelings about garden design rise from the needs of people in terms of aesthetics, functionality and efficiency of the open spaces.

Our vision developed from the background of thousands Italian gardens and landscapes which have built along the millenarian history of Italy, and, at the same time, looking to the sustainability, both at the economic and environmental levels of the design.

Moreover, the thorough knowledge of the essential technical and aesthetic instruments of the landscape construction, grant us the possibility to give every project a unique identity, focusing on primary key points which allow to improve from the start the structure of places and their connection with the contextual environment.

In the end, an overall landscape vision together with the careful analysis of details, allow us to understand from the preliminary design phases the “genius loci” i.e. the “spirit” of a place, which is expressed by many features and it's fundamental to find the inspiration that is necessary to characterize the design of any open space.