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Park of Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs

The park dialogues with the significant architecture context, by creating different open spaces, each one with its character and function. Pathways, sitting places and urban furniture are designed in detail, while the scalar blooming times change the park's appearance throughout all the season.

The 'MIA' Garden Project fits in a very significant architectural context - designed by aMDL Architetto Michele De Lucchi Srl - Michele de Lucchi, Freyrie & Pestalozza Architetti Associati - which has become a new icon for the city of Tbilisi. The landscape project finds a way to dialogue with this way of thinking the urban space, by integrating the building volume with the surrounding landscape. The use of a similar 3-Dimensional approach gives the garden its own essence. Vegetation groups are planted in the different portions of the garden. The overall spirit of the urban space is made by the contributions of differently designed small places, each one with its own Nature and function. The attention to details is a fundamental part of the essence of the project. The project of the park surrounding the Ministry of Internal Affairs was carried out from the preliminary idea to the construction phase, through the design of walkways, sitting places and urban furniture. The design of the flowerbeds and the selection of trees was carried out with particular attention to the blooming times, in order to guarantee an elevate versatility through the seasons.

Year: 2009 - Location: Tbilisi, Georgia - Customer: Private - Status: Built - Surface: 45000mq

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