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Kilometro Verde masterplan

The masterplan aims to improve the landscape and environmental value of Parma's highway, along which there are some of Italy's most important companies. The masterplan wants to contribute to the mitigation of pollution, increasing biodiversity and resiliency of Parma's periurban areas. The masterplan also draws a strong sign over the landscape, bringing a new identity to a very fragmented landscape.

The main topics of the masterplan are: the highway beautification and mitigation, by creating a green belt along the infrastructure planted with trees, shrubs and wildflowers, capable of lowering the impact of pollutants coming from vehicles; at the same time the green belt would be a very recognizable landmark; since there are many important italian companies along the highway, the masterplan wants to improve those by designing a great business park; from the scientific point of view, the project comprehends also a monitoring campaign to evaluate the benefits of plants on pollutants removal. The masterplan was commissioned by Davines and developed together with Stefano Mancuso of the University of Firenze, Director of LINV LINV International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology.

Year: 2016 - Location: Parma, Italy - Customer: Davines - Team: Stefano Mancuso Università di Firenze Direttore LINV International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology Status: Masterplan - Surface: 550000mq

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