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Landscape Architecture Urban Design

Studio Bellesi Giuntoli was founded by Silvia Bellesi, Dr Agronomy and by Alberto Giuntoli PhD and Professor at the University of Florence. We are currently leading a large and articulated team of specialists to provide our garden and landscape design services. Since the 1980s, our activity has been for people who love our contemporary Italian style, we have been fusing the traditional Italian garden art with the most modern technologies and contemporary innovations globally.

Our main services

Public and private garden design

The garden design activity of our studio begins with the exploration of the ‘pervading spirit of the place’ and the stylistic requests of the client. In particular, the garden design service includes all phases, from concept to Construction Supervision, according to an approach based on botanical and material knowledge. Thanks to our experience in garden design we are able to shape public and private gardens of various sizes, from urban parks to small gardens.

Master plan and urban planning

Our studio also performs its design activities at a masterplan and planning scale. We evaluate the elements that characterize a place to assimilate its essence, converting them into a masterplan capable of highlighting its potential, defining materials, finishes and coherent scenarios with the surrounding landscape. Quality master plans and planning are the basis for designing functional and enjoyable parks, public gardens and plazas.

Environmental consulting

Our studio, staffed by agronomic experts, architectural and engineering professionals, is able to offer environmental and agronomic consulting services. Thanks to our experience in environmental and agronomic consulting, we guarantee a high level of quality and technical services, built on a deep knowledge of both plants and the biological processes of the vegetal world. Our environmental and agronomic consulting services start with the study of environmental and ecological aspects, with an appropriate approach oriented to maximize the benefits that plants bring to urban ecosystem.

Historic gardens restoration

The restoration of historic gardens is one of the subjects in which we have been specializing since the beginning of our professional activity. Our experience in this subject allows us to evaluate all the aspects related to the restoration of historic gardens, particularly the botanical, phytosanitary, static, historical and cultural knowledge of the existing vegetation. Starting with an archival-documentary study and through in-depth field inspections, we are able to fully develop a restoration project for historic gardens that is complete in all details.

Research and education

Our studio co-operates with research centers and universities on research projects in various fields, from phytoremediation to urban comfort, always with a focus on sustainability and environmental improvement. We actively participate with talks and insights in conferences and events dedicated to landscape architecture and environmental sustainability. At specialized schools and universities, we teach about garden design.
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Tender assistance service

Support for competition contest. We offer our technical competence in multiple fields of expertise, supporting engineering companies, construction companies, general contractors, landscaping and urban design companies in the development of bid upgrading for more advantageous offers, detailed projects and works supervision.

Our projects in Italy and around the world

Gardens and Urban Design

Our experience has allowed us to acquire an elevated level of specialization in public and private gardens design at any scale: from small backyard gardens to private parks, from winter gardens to green roofs, we pay close attention to details, both in the selection of materials and plants.

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Residential garden


Our professional activity has focused on the restoration of historic gardens from the start. For us, restoration is a cornerstone field, because historic gardens are a fundamental asset both historically and culturally, but also because of their environmental and ecologic value.

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