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what if, in the near future, life is driven by plants instead of machines?

Studio Bellesi Giuntoli is a landscape architecture and garden design studio founded by Silvia Bellesi and Alberto Giuntoli. Our multidisciplinary team enumerates different professionals who are able to answer to a all the requests by private and public Clients in terms of aesthetics, functionality and ecology.

Our vision developed from the thousands of gardens and parks which distinguish Italy’s history, reinterpreted in a contemporary and international way to meet today’s needs in terms of functionality and economic and environmental sustainability. Thanks to the thorough knowledge of the technical and aesthetic means which are necessary to design and shape a landscape, our projects have a unique personality and character.

Our overall approach to landscape design, together with an accurate preliminary analysis, allows us to understand the “spirit of the place”, helping us in finding the right inspiration to realize the project in its entirety and originality.

The structure and three-dimensionality of a place is enhanced thanks to our attention to detail and the correct selection of the focal points of the project. Moreover, our design approach is made in four dimensions, taking into account also the passing of time (days, seasons and years) together with the three dimensions of space.

Our attention to all aspects of our work, including the maintenance in the years to come, is a guarantee for the complete satisfaction of our Clients.

Imagine sustainable, valuable, smart landscape as a key urban benefit


Daniele Olivero
Landscape Architect, Project Manager

Graphic arts specialist and garden enthusiast, Daniele started his career studying as a forest engineer, only later becoming an expert in landscape architecture. He specialized in garden and landscape design at different scales



Lorenzo Pacini
Architect, Project manager

After the master’s degree in architecture, he began his professional activity in the architectural field, with particular attention to the issues of environmental sustainability and energy saving. Later, by passion, he specialized in landscape architecture and urban design. Passionate about drawing and graphic arts, fishing, music, hi-fi, motorcycles, cocktail, wines & mixology !!!



Alberto Giuntoli
Principal and founder of Studio

Alberto Giuntoli graduated at the University of Florence with a thesis on the restoration of the Renaissance Boboli Gardens in Florence, holds a PhD from the University of Essex (UK) and has over 30 years’ experience in landscape architecture and horticultural consultancy. Alberto Giuntoli is an International member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and Accademico dei Georgofili since 2009 he is editor in chief of the oldest Italian horticulture magazine Bullettino and the the President of the Tuscan Horticultural Society, the oldest and a leading organisation for horticulture in Italy. His free time is spent for passion looking for beautiful gardens and landscapes, to learn by history.



Silvia Bellesi
Principal and founder of the Studio

Silvia Bellesi graduated in Agricultural Sciences with a thesis in agrometereology and environmental modelling. Over the years she has focused on landscape and garden design with special care to environmental aspects. Her passion originates from her childhood thanks to the garden of his first home which was a source of nourishment and a lively and continuous lesson in botany and landscape.



Iacopo Lorenzini
Forest Engineer

Professional focused on sustainability and ecological modelling; after his Master's degree in Forestry, with laude, he's attending a Ph.D in Landscape Architecture at the Florence University. Passionate about rare fruit trees and free software, in spare time you can find him either in his garden or at his PC.



Enrico Del Favero
Architect, landscape architect

He works at Studio Bellesi-Giuntoli after studying and working in Venice, Paris, Florence and New York. His ideas are inspired by travels, nature and the confrontations with other cultures than his.



Lorenzo Casulli

Lorenzo Casulli graduated in industrial design and this, together with his passion for artistic design, let him collaborate with many different professionals. He has worked on projects of architecture, engineering, interior, branding and now landscape.