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Public garden

The public garden is designed with abundant use of white marble, balanced by a landscape design based on plants selected for their softness and richness of colors troughout the year.

The public garden is part of the very historic center of Forte dei Marmi. This beautiful town is located on the seaside of Tuscany and for centuries has hosted a small harbour for the famous white statuary marble extracted from the Apuan Alps. The project of the flowerbeds of the public garden is a green roof, since the square is placed over an underground parking area. Therefore, the landscape project required a special design of the flowerbeds structure, characterized by a thin thickness of the substrate. The substrate is also graded in small banks to smooth the geometrical rigidity of the surrounding buildings. White rounded marble stones are placed at the hedge of the flowerbeds, linking them to the winding pathway. The final aim of the project is in fact to give the public garden a feeling of dynamic beauty.

Year: 2010 - Location: Forte dei Marmi, Lucca, Italy - Customer: Private - Status: Built - Surface: 1100mq

Category: Gardens and urban design

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