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Shopping center design

The shopping center design creates a wide seaward open space to house multiple activities, from leisure and open-air recreational uses to temporary art exhibitions and events.

Located at Jab el-Dib, at the north gate of Greater Beirut, the A?èSHTI Foundation premise is living a renewal process. The construction of a new Store and Contemporary Art Center, together with the shopping centre design of a completely new outdoor area towards the Mediterranean Sea, are radically changing the shape of the site. The new outdoor area, about 8.000 sqm large, is located between the buildings and the sea, and will provide a new leisure and recreation space, as well as an opportunity for open-air art exhibitions. The relationship between the buildings, the outdoor area and the water element has to be strong in order to give identity and functionality to the shopping center design. The shape of the flowerbeds follows the coast line, with cross walkways facing towards the Beirut skyline on the other side of the bay. Materials and furniture were carefully designed, as well as the paving materials which create cozy spaces for leisure and relax under the trees. Water features and exhibition spaces guarantee a high variety of activities in the area, making the shopping center design very attractive for the visitors.

Year: 2014 - Location: Beirut, Lebanon - Customer: A?èSHTI - Status: Preliminary Project and Agronomic Consulting - Surface: 8000mq

Category: Gardens and urban design

Tag: Shopping center gardens Squares Water features