Masterplan for a resort in Georgia

Year: 2019
Location: Napareuli, Georgia
Customer: Private
Status: Masterplan
Surface: 113 ha

The need to renovate and expand the lakeside resort is the starting point for the development of the landscape master plan.

New functions and accommodation facilities dedicated to different needs will make it possible to increase the variety of activities that can be carried out in the resort. From the point of view of the accommodation facilities, the main intervention consists in the landscape insertion of the private residences on the wooded hill upstream of the lake, with the minimum possible impact in terms of modification of the profile of the land.

The panoramic restaurant on the top of the hill will be accessible by cable car or on foot via the new specially designed network of paths which, together with the adventure park, will expand the offer of open air activities and facilities dedicated to various outdoor activities.

The flat area of the existing resort will be enriched by new gardens and green spaces dedicated to various activities, from sports to the possibility of hosting events.