Rural park project

Year: 2014
Location: Sesto Fiorentino, Italy
Customer: Private
Status: Feasibility Study
Surface: 300 ha

The feasibility study proposes a management of the rural park based on the principles of multifunctional agriculture. The study focuses on a series of activities, feasible in the examined area, but potentially extendible at the whole territory of the rural park, aimed at diversifying and improving the rural buildings, agricultural and natural existing heritage.


The study is therefore a pilot project, whose proposals could be adapted also to other zones of the rural park. A series of measures are proposed, aimed at bringing social benefits, improving the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity and climate, practicing high-quality standard agriculture and environmental sustainability. The actions develops from the concept of ‘multifunctional agriculture’, which associates to the agricultural industry not only an economic function but also environmental, social and cultural functions.


The study for the rural park proposes the following actions: social farming, didactic activities connected with the rural world, historic-environmental itineraries, environmental enhancement and rural building renovation.