Urban regeneration project of ex Manifattura Tabacchi

Year: 2018
Location: Florence, Italy
Customer: Manifattura Tabacchi Development Management Srl
Status: Recovery plan
Surface: 68000 mq

The regeneration of the former Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence is an important challenge for the revitalization of the surrounding district. The urbanization works have been designed in line with the objective of the master plan to create a new center, open and connected to the city and its inhabitants, thanks to the removal of the perimeter wall, the transformation of the internal courtyards into public squares, the redevelopment of the adjacent streets and ultimately to the enhancement of cycle mobility.

The landscape is designed to be coherent with the surrounding context of the area, and in this sense the plants selected mostly belong to species of local or naturalized origin. When this is not compatible with the ecological and edaphic needs of the planting site, the project envisages the use of more performing ornamental plants. Globally, the project aims to increase biodiversity within the intervention area, through the planting of mixed rows and groups of trees of different species and varieties. In this way the ecological network will be strengthened, also thanks to the improvement of the microclimate and the new ecological corridors that will cross the district.