“Ex Campeggio Michelangelo” park

Year: 2022
Location: Firenze
Customer: Comune di Firenze
Status: Progetto esecutivo
Surface: 31000 mq

The “Ex Campeggio Michelangelo” park is located in the southern part of the historic center of Florence, beyond the left bank of the Arno, on the hill of San Miniato and right below the famous viewpoint of Piazzale Michelangelo. It is the result of the recovery of an olive grove where, until 2015, the Michelangelo Camping was located.

The public park project, wanted by the Municipality of Florence and co-financed with funds from the European Union, is part of a larger project that includes other areas of the city that will be regenerated and returned to the citizens as improved green spaces.

As previously mentioned, the area on which the new urban park will be built descends on the hillsides of San Miniato. Over time, it has its function changed multiple times, passing from a simple cultivation of olive trees to an accommodation facility which, until 2015, housed the tents and caravans of the campsite.

The succession of activities has shaped the site, where nowadays terracing of various sizes host about 700 olive trees.


The landscape design approach was to recover as much as possible the existing architectural elements and plants, and by enhancing them to preserve the spirit of the place. Therefore, the management of existing shrubs and trees goes hand in hand with with the introduction of new landscape elements. The recovery of the current network of routes and the addition of new connections, guarantees a better usability of the area.

The west side of the park borders the historic “Giardino dell’Iris”. Therefore, new accesses and paths have been designed to create a dialogue between the two green areas, with comfortable and safe accessibility also to the lower part of the gardens.

Together with the Cascine Park and the Boboli Gardens, the new “Ex Campeggio Michelangelo” park will be one of the largest public green areas in the historic center of Florence.