Residential green space

Year: 2014
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Customer: Private
Status: Built
Surface: 30000 mq

The residential green space create a large multifunctional space between the tall residential towers, which could be enjoyed by both tenants and Tbilisi citizens, with diversified and recognizable gardens, without damaging the numerous existing trees. The new residential gardens rises in an area which currently hosts a large number of trees, whose preservation could give more value to the estate. As a consequence, the landscape project has focused on the preservation of most existing trees. Due to the height of the buildings it was mandatory to carry out a preliminary study of the sunlight at the ground level. The primary feature of the residential gardens is made by the combination of the main pedestrian route with the hollow ground of the bioswales and the vertical dimension of the Rock Wall.

The wall becomes the core of the project, and being inspired directly from the urban landscape of the historic centre of Tbilisi, will give a strong identity to the residential gardens. In the central area of the park stands the main plaza, which is the sunniest area in the site, with an amphitheater and water features. A large group of existing trees will be enhanced to create a lush woodland with soft built features with the slightest impact on the trees. The need of undergound parkings made necessary to create large green roofs where there are playgrounds and secondary walkways.