Residential park in Tbilisi

Year: 2014
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Customer: PrivatE
Status: Detailed Project
Surface: 10000 mq

The residential park was created to satisfy the needs of both tenants and people from the city. Therefore the green space was designed as a multifunctional place which houses a cafeteria, a children playground, open-air fitness areas and a rock garden. The residential park is located over a steep slope along the main access road to the building complex with a beautiful view over the city of Tbilisi, not far from Lisi Lake.

The design developed through the definition of two main zones, the upper and the lower areas, each one with different features and functions. The upper part of the residential park, located near the main entrance and towards the residential complex, had a more detailed design approach, since the use of this area will be more intensive, since it hosts the Cafeteria building, the main promenade and the children playground. The cafeteria is located along the main promenade, easy to reach from the main entrance of the residential park the design of the building originates from the steep slope, with a protruding balcony and an amphitheater.


The design of the lower part of the residential park followed a different approach, more inclined to an extensive use, with a lower amount of maintenance needs. Therefore, this area has a more natural look, and construction works are moderate. Secondary walkways spread across the lower part of the slope, creating a continuous system from top to bottom. Along the pathways there are relax and pic-nic areas, the equipment of the fitness course and a Rock Garden. Between the two main zones, a large part of the slope will be seeded with wild flowers, creating a colorful field changing with the season throughout the year.