Source of Life Garden

Year: 2023
Location: Chaumont
Customer: Domaine Régional de Chaumont-sur-Loire
Status: Competiion
Surface: 210 mq

Source of Life Garden : this is the theme of the 33rd edition of the International Garden Festival promoted by the Chaumont-sur-Loire Estate.

The garden is the place of the living world, a complex ecosystem in which the elements interact with one another. The garden is an essential actor of vitality, dynamism and energy to be preserved and enhanced.

Starting from the basic concept that nature is our home, the garden becomes our temple. To celebrate this thought, our garden is inspired by the divine architecture and architectural perfection – the Pantheon!

The image of the temple is recreated in its layout through a series of metal meshes, a transparent architecture that allows it to be permeated by the natural elements.

giardino fonte di vita

In the pronaos two rows of four columns divide the space into three naves, the wider central one leading to the large entrance door.

Perfectly trimmed shrubs and creepers lying on the columns define the architecture and space according to a conception of Nature guided by a humanistic idea of order and aesthetic perfection, preparing the visitor for the place of worship in which Nature returns in perfect balance with art and human artifice.

Upon reaching the entrance door, a natural landscape opens up to the visitor, evading the boundaries dictated by our mind, but rediscovering a dynamic balance between ecosystems. Trees, shrubs, perennials, creepers, mounds of earth, stones, branches and trunks harmoniously create a variety of habitats for flora and fauna.

giardino fonte di vita

A celebration of life that pushes beyond our restrictions and limits. Through the atmosphere created, it leads the visitor to a deep reflection of the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘protection’.

Protection seen as a thought of coexistence that is born within us. Coexistence with natural ecosystems, without resorting to protective structures, in respect and harmony, leads to greater protection, to the creation of complex ecosystems, of a stable dynamic balance, as the source of life!

giardino fonte di vita