Science and Biotechnology Park

Year: 2021
Location: Pistoia, Italy
Customer: GEA – Green Economy and Agriculture
Status: Preliminary Project
Surface: 29 ha

The Scientific and Biotechnological Park extends over a vast green area, characterized by the presence of numerous trees and shrubs that make up an extraordinary collection of ornamental plants, formerly belonging to the Ce.Spe.Vi. – Experimental Center for Plant Nursery.

The concept design aims at improving the current state through the overlap and intersection of a new design that integrates the existing one, enriching it with a new network of paths and thematic areas. In fact, the project reconnects the pre-existing botanical collections in an organized and harmonious way which have represented the basic heritage from which to start with the design. As mentioned, the existing structure is enriched by new weaves in transversal directions with respect to the general trend of the rows and intertwined with them. These weaves can be created with green arrangements of shrubs and herbaceous plants, or even trees, at the same time keeping empty spaces, which can be used as rest areas and to create new paths. The project was developed through the definition of an easy-to-read overall design, dividing the park into different thematic areas, depending on the functions and aesthetics sought by the project.