Urban Regeneration Magnifica Fabbrica

Year: 2022
Location: Milano
Customer: Milan Municipality, Teatro della Scala
Status: Competition
Surface: 250000 mq
Partner: BSTR Architects, Rosso19, Alessandro Ansaldi, RethinkEnergy

The expansion of the existing park gives a large area back to the citizens, making it usable and adding new functions, but at the same time preserving the historical memory of the industrial vocation of the district.

A large number of trees will be planted throughout the park, guaranteeing a certain amount of shading in the summer months, together with shrubs, herbaceous perennials and ground covers, selected in order to increase the biodiversity and the aesthetic value of the green area in all seasons.

The new landscape is also designed to improve rainwater management through two main actions. The partial demolition of the “Palazzo di Cristallo” and of part of the flooring inside it will make it possible to re-establish a connection with the ground and recover large permeable surfaces within the perimeter of the building, improving the resilience of the entire area from the point of view of water management. In fact, once the building roofs are removed, these areas become rain gardens. Secondly, water management is improved thanks to the integration of a floodable area located near the parking lot in the southern part of the area.

The volume of earth excavated, together with the one coming from the construction works of the new warehouses, will be used to create earthworks, which will enrich the park by providing it with greater variability, as well as act as mitigation of the adjacent industrial building.

The parking lot will be redeveloped with the planting of trees and the creation of flower beds.

The necessary street furniture will be installed throughout the green area, including a sufficient number of benches, tables, waste bins and bicycle racks, in order to meet the needs of the different types of users.

To ensure the usability and safety of users even in the evening and at night, the park will be equipped with a public lighting system, consisting of different types of lighting fixtures according to the features of the various project areas (lamp posts, bollards, step markers, etc.).

The project also includes punctual elements with specific functions, located along the paths of the park, which can from time to time be configured as playground areas, relaxation areas, spaces for small events, etc.