Urban Regeneration Palazzo Sistema

Year: 2022
Location: Milano
Customer: ARIA SpA
Status: Competition
Surface: 27000 mq
Partner: T.H.E.M.A. S.r.l., Studio Protecno S.r.l., Airis S.r.l., STIEM Engineering

The new Palazzo Sistema building has an iconic image that embodies the two souls of the place: the assertive verticality of the contemporary business city and the welcoming horizontality of the traditional “ringhiera” house. To mend and at the same time regenerate the urban environmet are the main objective of the project. In fact, the new building is designed to create a dialogue with the surroundings, thanks to its compact and vertical façades and the smooth lines of the lower parts of the building.

The passage at the base of the tower enhances the main entrance to the sita, allowing a glimpse of the park behind it. The network of internal and external pathways is designed to overcome architectural, physical, psychic and sensory barriers, thus ensuring maximum usability of the spaces in safety and independently for all the different types of users.

The open spaces are designed to establish a dialogue between the new complex and the adjacent urban context. In particular, and unlike how it was before, the possibility to pass through the area creates a connection between the districts located to the east and west, strengthening urban cohesion and operating a mending both at the overall urban planning level and for the pedestrian and bycicles. The green areas project is articulated in a series of targeted interventions on the building envelope and pertinent areas, with the aim of inserting new functions and offering ideas for dialogue between indoor and the outdoor spaces. The new building organism is inspired by the principles of biophilic design, according to which the integration of greenery into architecture helps to improve the health and psychophysical well-being of the people who live and work in these spaces. Architecture at the service of man takes the form of spaces that encourage socialization and cooperation, both inside and outside the building thanks to the use of greenery.