Urban forest in Cesena

Year: 2020
Location: Cesena, Italy
Customer: Unione dei Comuni Valle del Savio
Status: Built
Surface: 30000 mq

The urban forest called “Il fagiolo” is located in an urbanized area, with heavy presence of road and railway infrastructures, adjacent to the ecological corridor of the Savio river. The project involves urban forestation in the industrial area north of the town of Cesena, aimed at strengthening the ecological network, as well as improving the absorption of climate-altering emissions and pollutants. From a biodiversity point of view, the project includes a variety of species capable of acting as a stepping stone for avifauna and representing a point of re-naturalization capable of strengthening the connection between the urban and river areas.

The urban forest was designed according to the methods of plantation forestry, which adopts a geometric module, on which, through slight deviations from the pre-set grid, an appearance of the forest that is as “natural” as possible is obtained. To reduce the risk of interference with the surrounding road system, the project envisages a structure of basically concentric bands, which starting from the road will be characterized by herbaceous plants, followed by shrubs, mixed shrub and trees, and finally only trees.


In the center of the urban forest, the project aims to reconstitute a forest with the characteristics of the ancient plain forest, predominantly made by oak, which characterized the Po Valley before anthropic intervention. Moving away from the center, the vegetation is dominated by smaller species like ash, leaving room for alternative evolutions, and creating a transition band towards the more urbanized areas. The richness of species guarantees greater overall resilience of the area towards any adverse events.

As already mentioned, the plantation project will be equipped with an irrigation system, which must remain in service for the first three years after planting, in order to guarantee the complete rooting of the vegetation.