Restoration of the Boboli Garden

Year: 1989
Location: Florence, Italy
Status: Concluded

The purpose of the research for the Boboli Garden was to identify a methodological procedure, especially referring to the problems of vegetation, that would allow an initial approach to the problems of the restoration of the Boboli Garden.
We found it necessary to make a thorough study of pruning, the practice that affected vegetation more violently than others, and we carried out a study in collaboration with the Soprintendenza.

The research carried out allowed us to formulate, for the Boboli Garden, both proposals for conservative restoration and proposals for the restoration of some structures that have now disappeared. Given the level of degradation present at the time of the research, it therefore became clear that drastic interventions were absolutely necessary, to be implemented both in the short and long term. Three levels of intervention were found to be necessary: correction of philological errors, elimination of stylistic contrasts, and restoration and recovery of the topsoil.



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