Corporate Garden

Year: 2011
Location: Conselice, Ravenna
Customer: Surgital S.p.A.
Status: Built
Surface: 450 mq

The landscape design of the corporate park focuses on the improvement of the premise image from the road, creating a modern garden with sitting places and flower beds. In order to reach the same visibility overnight, the lighting system and hardscape materials of the business park were carefully designed.

The flowerbeds are designed with groundcovers and particularly with shrubs and perennials, scattered to create mixed borders with different height, color and shape. All the plants are allocated freely, contrasting effectively with the geometric design of the hardscape. The project of the corporate park aims also at offering a continuous contribute with the different species, and this is achieved with the use of a rich collection of plants. Gathered together in different associations of perennials, groundcovers, shrubs and trees, they switch with the passing of the seasons, changing the color of the flowers, leaves and also their shape. The various groups are also mixed to have a pleasant aesthetic value whatever was the direction from which they are perceived in the corporate park.