Landscaping project for a winery in Hungary

Year: 2021
Location: Tokaj, Hungary
Customer: Private
Status: Concept
Surface: 80000 mq

The project is located near the town of Tokaj, in eastern Hungary. Known worldwide for the production of wine, the region is characterized by the presence of vineyards which historically distinguish the identity of the place.

The landscape concept aims to intensify the relationship of the winery with the landscape of the vineyards and to create new green spaces within the property.

The circular structure of the wine center is taken up to redesign the green and functional spaces of the area.

A row of trees has been inserted along the entrance avenue which aims to encourage the view towards the winery building and at the same time to open the view towards the landscape of the vineyards.

Viewpoint areas have been identified in the most strategic points which aim to have a better perception of the surrounding areas.


The main entrance of the winery was developed by correlating different materials together, including travertine, water and vegetation. Furthermore, the parking areas reflect the circular shapes of the architectural structure.