Luxury Hotel Park on the Caspian Sea

Year: 2014
Location: Galaalti, Azerbaijan
Customer: Private
Status: Detailed Project
Surface: 70000 mq

The luxury hotel park on the Caspian Sea, Qalaalti Hotel, is located along a steep slope in a natural mountainous context. Therefore the design focuses on the integration of the hotel park in the surrounding landscape, with a differentiation of the green spaces according to the many function they could house.

The luxury hotel park of Qalaalti center rises on the hillside of Caucasus mountains, overlooked by the ruins of an ancient castle. The site offers dramatic visuals towards the Caspian Sea, and integrate itself in the natural landscape of the endemic forests of the region. The architectural complex extends across a surface of 8 ha, along a slope which can be very steep, a fact which makes the visuals even more dramatic. The area includes an hotel upstream, some private villas and a multifunctional center with a swimming pool downstream, therefore it configures itself as a scattered hotel, able to offer privacy and leisure but also entertainment to the guests. 


In the open spaces of the hotel park find place sport activities and walkways along the hillside. In order to overcome the difference in altitude, a panoramic elevator arises from the gardens directly to the hotel terrace. The landscape project of the hotel park aim is to reconnect the woods in which the architectural complex is located, creating a garden in which native plants but also ornamental ones find place. The creation of open areas for stroll as well as small private gardens, together with the artificial stream built with local materials, strengthens the natural value of the site.