Project of private park in Tuscany

Year: 2022
Location: Livorno, Tuscany
Customer: Private
Status: Preliminary Project
Surface: 17000 mq
Partner: aei progetti s.r.l.

The estate is located on the hills south of the city of Livorno. It was born from the union of various properties and buildings to create a new luxury residence surrounded by greenery. For this reason, the green area had different “souls”, from the agricultural nature of the terraced olive grove to the small woodland, from the large meadow to the house garden. Those had to be mended so that the park would acquire a cohesive and harmonious overall image.

The dominant colors of the project are white and green, and this reflects in the choice of blooms and materials, seeking a dialogue with the new architecture, dominated by light colours.


The home garden consists of an intimate and cozy space – the kitchen garden, where you can enjoy breakfast in the open air, while the swimming pool area overlooks the wide scenery and from here the gaze can go as far as the sea. The olive grove houses a vegetable garden from which aromatic plants and special ingredients enrich the meals served in the villa. In this area new landscaping arrangements integrate herbaceous perennials borders between the terraces and the olive trees.


The large meadow downstream hosts the orchard, designed by selecting the varieties in order to have a constant production of fruit throughout the year. In this part of the garden there are also special wooden platforms for practicing yoga and meditation. Finally, the estate includes a children’s playground, designed along the slope of the hill, and a circular trail with some stations where you can practice fitness in the open air.