Project of private park in Tbilisi

Year: 2022
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Customer: Private
Status: Preliminary Project
Surface: 9000 mq

The villa is located on the slopes of the mountains south of the city of Tbilisi, in a highly panoramic position on the edge of a deep canyon. The peculiar architectural style of the building and its complex shape are reflected in the arrangement of the external spaces, which are divided into different areas, characterized by different functions depending on the exposure.

The entrance garden is therefore presented as a representative space, where the landscaping frames the central fountain and enhances the view towards the main facade of the villa. The large existing oak trees are highlighted with the addition of new trees and a small orchard, in order to re-establish a dialogue with the surrounding landscape. On the terrace at the back of the villa there is the “Water Garden”, located near the building, where a path winds through stretches of water, shaded by groups of bamboo.

From the terrace, comfortable stairs lead to the swimming pool, surrounded by green slopes, through which one descends to the tennis court and the panoramic garden, overlooking the city of Tbilisi.