Restoration of the historic gardens of Villa Buonaccorsi

Year: 2022
Location: Potenza Picena, Macerata
Customer: Ministry of Culture
Status: Built
Surface: 50000 mq

Originally owned by the homonymous noble family from the near city of Macerata, Villa Bonaccorsi (now Buonaccorsi) comprises a group of buildings at the center of a vast estate, located on the top of a hill a few kilometers from the town of Potenza Picena on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The architectural complex, spread over an area of about 5 hectares, houses an Italian garden divided into five distinct terraces, joined by a large central staircase, as well as an English garden (created in the second half of the 19th century) and some courtyards located between the various buildings. Plant varieties of botanical interest, fountains and water features, niches, obelisks and numerous statues depicting human subjects and grotesque and mythological representations can be found in the gardens.

Following the prolonged abandonment of the Villa starting from the 1970s, despite the maintenance of the garden having continued with a certain regularity up to today, the complex required targeted interventions in order to restore the maximum aesthetic-functional quality.
To achieve this goal, a garden maintenance plan was prepared with a detailed description of the works to be performed on the various architectural and natural features. Therefore, the Construction Management activity of the extraordinary and ordinary maintenance of the external areas coordinated the execution of the following types of work: cleaning of the avenues with the removal of weeds, regeneration of the turf, pruning of the formal hedges and anti-parasites treatments, replacement of dead plants, restoration of flower beds by planting herbaceous perennials, securing of existing trees and planting of new ones.