Studio Bellesi Giuntoli, is a landscape architecture and garden design studio founded by Silvia Bellesi and Alberto Giuntoli. Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of different professionals who are able to answer all aesthetic, functional and ecological requests of private and public clients.

What would happen if human society were organized like the plant world where resilience and resource sharing are the basis of social life?

The thousands gardens and parks which characteristically distinguish Italy’s history are the basis of our vision that interprets them in an international and contemporary key. Each project is characterized by its uniqueness, which is guaranteed by the in-depth knowledge of the technical and aesthetic tools needed to complete a landscape design.

Livability, economic and environmental sustainability are the naturalistic and human characteristics that distinguish our way of designing.


Ours is a 4D design that integrates transition of time (days, seasons and years) with the three dimensions of space.

The attention to details and the selection of project’s focal points allow us to enhance, the location’s structure and its three-dimensionality.

Taking care of every single aspect of the project’s development and its maintenance even years after realization allows us to guarantee full customer satisfaction.

Finally, an overall landscape view as well as careful detail analysis allows us to grasp from the preliminary stages of the project the “genius loci” or “spirit of the place,” which, expressed by countless elements, helps us find the inspiration needed to concretize the project in its entirety as well as in the detail of each individual aspect.