Our studio also performs its design activities at a masterplan and planning scale. We evaluate the elements that characterize a place to assimilate its essence, converting them into a masterplan capable of highlighting its potential, defining materials, finishes and coherent scenarios with the surrounding landscape. 

The elaboration of green plans and regulations means dealing with the challenges that the ecological transition poses to us. Nature Based Solutions but also cool paving technologies and sustainable drainage systems are an integral part of the intervention plans for urban redevelopment.

City areas where the main actions focus on urban regeneration through the recovery of infrastructures and services, the limitation of land consumption and the creation of redeveloped spaces where there is an overall improvement in the quality of social and environmental life. The landscape urbanism approach to reactivate but also create new habitats and ecological connections, with the aim of realizing new models of development of cities, which are no longer ambitions of clear separation from Nature.


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